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Zara (Zadar)

Giuseppe Rosaccio talks about Zara:

'This city was already called by the ancients Iadara;
suffered many raids by the Turks, and mainly in the year 1570 and 71, which the Turks continually harassed, and up to the gates of the city they often flowed,
but ours with intrepid heart always defended her: continually warring with Turks, or they won or were vanquished, but they were always superior Christians.
Now this city is well equipped and guarded with great guard, for the fear of the Turkish neighbors, and it is subdued with its countryside to the sublime lordship of Venice.'

In reality, the relationship between Venice and Zara was never simple.
In 1204 Venice did not scruple to divert the 4th crusade to reconquer Zara as witnessed - almost live - by the mosaics of St Giovanni in Ravenna.