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Nuestra Seņora de las Vegas

Far from inhabited places, in the territory of Santiuste de Pedraza close to Requijada, along the path between Sepųlveda in Segovia there is the Ermita de Nuestra Seņora de las Vegas.

The chapel dates back to the end of the eleventh century when these lands were border lands between the Christians of the northern highlands of Spain and the Arabs who occupied the southern plains.

It is a further example of the Segovian Romanesque style, with a splendid arcaded gallery on the sunny side. These buildings were much more than simple churches: they were meeting places, assembly, exchange, administration of justice, shelter ... They were the places of collective living.

The chapel was renovated in 1969 and on that occasion the arcaded gallery was re-emerged with its splendid capitals which - having long been subtracted from the elements - preserved the decorations particularly well.

Among them could not miss the bicaudal mermaid: it is present on a capital of the gallery both on the outside and on the inside.

The mermaid's company, among others, includes a man riding a dromedary (who speaks directly of the nearby Arab world), bird mermaids and a centaur archer.

Time has not spared the attic modilions: many figures are strongly degraded and difficult to recognize.

The entrance to the church from the arcade gallery is decorated with four-level arches. On the two sides of the arch is the archangel Gabriel who announces the coming divine motherhood to a reluctant Mary.

To visit the interior of the church simply call one of the telephone numbers pinned on the portal and a very kind lady will come to open. (april 2018)

The interior preserves 14th century frescoes and next to the altar is another capital decorated with two-tailed sirens that has undergone clear attempts at cancellation.