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the cathedral

The cathedral of Strasbourg was born around the year 1000 as a Romanesque building. Only later was it converted into the current impressive and decided Gothic.

Named to Notre Dame, the cathedral is a real treasure trove of medieval influences. The cathedral with its enormous dimensions and the red color of the stone used, the "gres" of the Vosges, fills the space of the surrounding streets with its grandeur.

The beautiful portal of the wise virgins and foolish virgins shows us the wise ones next to Jesus while the foolish ones yield to the temptation's flattery. All the virgins wear the virginity circle according to the dictates of the fashion of the 1200s. It should be noted that under the mantle the 'tempter' hide toads and snakes ...

We could not miss a particularly tasty universal knowledge. The frieze of the tower is very suggestive, where a succession of panels represents a splendid summary of the medieval soul.
Among these the scene of adultery where he - a prince (riding the lion, privilege reserved to the princes) shows his interest in the lady (he throws the arrow ...).
She wears the circle of virginity but is bare-breasted, holds in her arms the 'fruit of guilt' and is represented as an animal in the lower part of the body (a bad girl ...).
Even the musicians are represented the lower part of the body in the form of an animal: a sign that they did not enjoy the sympathies of the clergy ...
The game of dice was a real scourge: despite being the object of civil and ecclesiastical limitations, it often ended in bloody disputes.
Curiously, however, no lower body part in the form of an animal: the church was more tolerant with gamblers than with musicians.
No tolerance, however, for those who exhibited bears dancers at fairs.

Another tile tells us about love priced and true love (and certainly it took a lot of money ...). Also in this case, no animal form for mercenary love.
The church then considered a real social plague the tournaments of chivalry, coming to prohibit the burial in consecrated ground for the frequent victims.
Nothing to do: the tournaments continued. And here the knights are served: low part in the form of an animal!

We come then to the bestiaries. Lion cubs are born dead. And 'then the father who, breathing on them, infuses them with life!

In order to hunt the unicorn, a virgin has to be used: the proud, wild and ungraspable animal at the sight of the virgin falls asleep in her womb. So the hunter can get the precious horn ...

The pelican hurts himself in order to resuscitate with his own blood the sons and the phoenix that is reborn from its ashes.
But it is the cathedral museum to reserve the best of medieval bestiaries. There are preserved finds of the ancient Romanesque cathedral.

Among these could not miss the bicaudate sirens, also in the bearded variety, and then the capricorn and the manticore. The annunciation to Mary and the announcement to the shepherds are also noteworthy.

In the church of St. Thomas is preserved the ark of Adelochus, the first bishop of Strasbourg.

Strasbourg with the cathedral is part of the UNESCO word heritage list.