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Sibenik (Sebenico)

Giuseppe Rosaccio talks about Sibenik:

'At the mouth of the canal, which goes to Sibenik, one aims at S. Andrea, and at the east bank the fortress of San Nicolo sits; there, entering through the strait in perspective you can see Sibenik in the mountains, above which you can see the church of St. Giovanni. This city is not as rich as all the others of Schiavonia, because of the harshness of the terrain and the steep mountains, as well as for which there are not many merchandise or major traffickers'

Of course, the strategic value of Sebenico prevailed over economic value.
This is attested by the fort St. Nicholas, at the entrance to Sibenik bay.
You get there on foot, by a narrow tongue of land, jumping from stone to stone and then climbing on a rampart.
Ignoring the bunkers of the last war (1991), the fortress makes it clear what importance Venice attributed to Sibenico.
The hall of the cannons, with the openings for the fire mouths flush on the water, is able to offer emotions that go beyond pure historical interest.
The beautiful cathedral of St. James - UNESCO heritage - is mirrored in the waters of the gulf.