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Skardin (Scardona)

Giuseppe Rosaccio talks about Skardin:

'Here near Sibenik, narrowing the channel, to the western part, where it also bends, and makes a pond, sits in the middle of that, above a point of land, sits Resina: called, the said Lake Pruchiglian: to the head of which Scardona is placed on the western shore, almost now all desolate, because it has been taken by the hands of the Turks, as Christiani himself'

There is no luck for Skardin, according to Rosaccio: Turks or Christians, it seems that everyone work hard to damage it.

When these photos were taken, in 2011, the holes of the projectiles of the conflict between Croatia and Serbia were still evident on the walls of the houses.
The Turkish fortress that dominates the country has also been 're-used' during the conflict.

But the absolute beauty of the place and - in particular - of the nearby splendid Krka waterfalls make the visit to Skardin unforgettable.