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Santa Marta del Cerro

Santa Marta del Cerro is a small town of about forty inhabitants.

His church is another example of the rich Romanesque heritage of the province of Segovia.

Obviously, he shows a splendid two-tailed mermaid on the apse window.

Probably the stonecutters who have lent their work to Santa Marta are the same ones who worked in Perorrubio.

On the modillons of the apse other figures stand by side to the mermaids.

There is the bishop with the pastoral, the priest with the processional cross, a woman holding a loaf of bread, a woman acrobat, a man with a barrel on his shoulders (perhaps a pilgrim: at the time the pilgrims often traveled carrying a little barrel).

Some modillons are difficult to read: the weather has been pitiless towards them ...
But the difficulty is often linked to the interpretation rather than the impiety of time.

What say about the two modiglioni with nude figures where she is pregnant?
Hasty interpretations speak of condemnation of lust, but - seen closely - they show a smiling and satisfied face.
They are probably a kind of fertility hymn instead of a reference to the consequences of a sinful conduct.

And the models continue talking about storks (perhaps the progenitors of those who now live above the bell tower), musicians, peacocks, animals like cats, ladies who show off rich dresses with large sleeves that continue to the ground, snakes with the human face, figures of exhibitionists posing sireniform ...

They certainly did not need subtitles when troubadours and errant clerics made them live in their stories: we can only guess.