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Sacra di San Michele

At the entrance of Val di Susa, near Turin, the Sacra di San Michele watches from above one of the historical routes between Italy and France.

The monument's origins are lost in time.
It seems that at the time of the Longobards the structure should be a defense against the raiders Franchi.
The abbey came to life around 1000 and was assigned to the Benedictine who used it as a refuge on the Via Francigena.

The crypt and the lower part of the current structure came from this time: the portals and capitals that can be seen don't leave doubt about the period of foundation. The presence of the two tails mermaid is a warranty...

In the sixteenth century the building was abandoned until 1800 when the Savoia kings decided to revitalize it by entrusting it to Rosminians fathers.

Suggestive, also, the fact that Mont Saint Michel in France, the Sacra di San Michele in Piemonte and Monte Sant'Angelo in Puglia are pretty much aligned and at the same distance.