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House of the mall Fountain

The twin-tailed mermaids love to surprise those looking for them.

And they succeeded!

We did not expect to find them among the domus of ancient Pompeii.

The 'domus of the small fountain' was opened in 2015 after a laborious restoration.

It is not very different from the medieval great-grandchildren. It is very similar to those that adorn the 'grotesques' that will then go out of fashion in the sixteenth century.

The domus was brought to light during the nineteenth century excavations, so we can not say that the nymphaeum and grotesques of the seventeenth century were inspired by this that adorns a nymphaeum of the first century A.C.

Like the nymphs of the late Renaissance, this is also adorned with shells and embellished with frescoes of landscapes with a vaguely exotic flavor.

It is perhaps appropriate to speak of vocation ...

The mermaids - ancient or recent - have the destiny to guard the places that can speak to the soul.