Viaggi nello spazio e nel tempo 
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The Roman arena is certainly the most important historical monument of Pula: splendid example of ancient history.
The history of Pula (the roman Pietas Iulia), does not end with the Roman Empire.
The real heart of Pula, the forum, is perhaps the place that best tells the stories that have not been exhausted with the Roman era. The forum was surrounded by three temples: the one of Augustus (still visible on the left), the middle and on the right a twin temple dedicated to Diana.

In medieval times the central temple and the right one were "fused" to build the municipal palace.
Just turn behind the Temple of Augustus to see protruding from the building of the temple to Diana profile.

The real heart of the city, the Forum has traces of long membership in the Serenissma but also previous tracks like the knight on the corner of the fašade or telamone holding the roof.
In the rear corner of the building, then, a beautiful two-tailed mermaid is in charge of certifying certainly a lively medieval history.
The convent of St. Francis, not far from the Forum, seems to be hosting on the portal a mermaid very proven by time and weather.
We can not say for sure if it is the two-tailed mermaid (the Franciscans generally not lingered in decorations ...) but the monastery was built in place of an existing chirch.
In the cloister you can admire beautiful "pieces" from the ancient building, including a centaur-archer and a chimera.