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Piacenza - Church of San Savino

The church of San Savino in Piacenza hosts, in the crypt, a splendid mosaic in black and white tiles dating from around 1100..

Piacenza was an important junction on the Via Francigena, which has been for several centuries one of the main roads of Europe along which moved pilgrims, merchants, but also ideas and culture.

The floor mosaics in the crypt date back to about the year 1100.

The mosaic in the crypt shows the months of the year and the signs of the zodiac in a "sea" filled of fish and the inevitable two-tailed mermaid.

A pleasant surprise awaited us: the floor mosaics were affected by a restoration work that makes it possible to clearly distinguish the original parts from the added or integrated parts.

Now the mosaic is pleasant and more readable.
We have kept our previous photos because - at this point - they testify the value of the restoration work..

One of all: the two-tailed siren is now well distinguishable and recognizable even by 'profane'.

Also the area of the altar of the church of San Savino is decorated with a precious floor mosaic containing - among other things - one of the first representations of chess in our continent.