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Cathedral of St. Leopardo

The cathedral dedicated to San Leopardo - first bishop of Osimo - dates back to the 8th century but owes its present appearance to the restructuring undergone in the 13th century.

It presents a splendid arcade with three arches.
The two doors inside the portico are richly decorated.

The door on the left has an Agnus Dei in the center, positioned in the arched key with angels on the sides with thuribles. On the left side the figure of St. Peter with a large key is recognizable.

The portal on the right is decorated with two snakes with spiral tail facing each other at the apex of the arch. To the right and left of the serpents are depicted King Solomon and David.
On the right side of the portico there is a Madonna with child and apostles which seems to be the work of that 'mastro Filippo' who worked on the fašade of Santa Maria della Piazza in Ancona.

The rose window which gives light to the church is surrounded by very suggestive figures between which is placed a two-tailed mermaid.

Inside the cathedral the presbytery is very raised and the altar is in the middle of a mosaic floor dating back to the 13th century.

Near the cathedral the diocesan museum which houses pieces of great beauty should be noted.
Among these, an ivory crucifix from the 12th century and the xylophoric lions that supported - until 1700 - the cathedral's ambo