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Ermita de la Virgen de la Octava de Peñarrubias de Pirón

The church of the Virgen de la Octava is a rural church near Peñarrubias de Pirón a village with less than 30 inhabitants, not far from Segovia..

It is hard to believe that in the twelfth century these places were so rich that they could afford a church with such a sumptuous entrance arch!

But in those years these were frontier lands, places of rich integration between Arabs and Christians and - as is often the case - in the watershed between one world and another, the jewels are born.

The decorations bear the signs of time and are often illegible: but what fortunately has saved speaks us of the pride of a Middle Ages able to seek beauty and speak to posterity with its symbols.

The double-tailed mermaid occupies the space reserved for the vedettes on the apse window.

We can finds a goat intent on playing an string instrument (probably a call to don't trust the heretics, or perhaps another chapter of the church's fight against musicians and jugglers ...)..

A beautiful capital depicts people lost in a forest of intricate vegetation and populated by animals.