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Navas de Riofrío

The Church of the Immaculada Concepción preserves, in addition to the inevitable nests of storks, an interesting Romanesque portal dating back to the XIII century.

The set of symbols represented is intriguing: alongside some well-known ones such as the bicaudal mermaid or the Sagittarius centaur, there are others that are less unusual.

There is a deer that seems to be captured by a flying creature, a twisted snake, a sleeping figure next to a palm tree with a bird over it, three characters in which someone has seen the story of the disbelief of St. Thomas (more see a mystical marriage).

Next to a bishop there is a lady who seems to adjust a veil on her head and an enigmatic armor superimposed on two arrows.

The problem of meaning is all ours: it did not touch the skilled and anonymous stonecutters that handed the stories that animated their lives on the rocks.

Not far from Navas de Riofrío, in the small town of La Losa, a two-tailed mermaid embellishes the apse of the Ermita de San Pedro.