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Pieve di San Lorenzo

At first glance it seems the 'rich' version of the nearby church of San Secondo: another splendid example of Romanesque on the Via Francigena.

At one time the village developed around the Pieve but then alternated fortunes that induced the inhabitants to move under the protection of the nearby castle and the parish church was "declassed" to a cemetery chapel.

Inside there is a telamone that probably decorated the facade of the church, as in the Pieve di Corsignano.

Among the elaborate Romanesque capitals - the result of hands much more skilled than those who worked in San Secondo - stands out the capital adorned with bifid sirens.

The original three-aisle structure is recognizable even if space is hollowed out by retaining walls. Looking between these retaining walls and the original structures of the church you can see partially semi-hidden capitals, sacrificed to the static ...