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Cloister of the Benedictines

Built in the late 12th century, the Cloister of Monreale is part of the Benedictine Complex wanted by King William II
It is a square with a side of 47 meters and is a unique example of medieval art.
The cloister combines taste and expertise of Arabs, Normans, Byzantines and "builders of cathedrals" of continental Europe.

The figurative layout is as vast as it can be a monument with two hundred and twenty eight marble columns.
In the cloister there are birds, warriors, hunting and harvesting scenes, real and fantastic animals, prophets, evangelists, William II, Mithra killing the bull, episodes taken from the Old and the New Testament, the cycle of the months ...

According to experts, cultural elements from Chartres and the Campania-Salerno area could be found, with Venetian-Lombard and in particular Byzantine contributions.
A sort of great compendium of the best of European art of the twelfth century.

Of course, a two-tailed mermaid could not be missing, as if to certify the connection of the complex to the world view of the time.

A beautiful illustration of capitals is available on this site