Viaggi nello spazio e nel tempo 
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Church of San Michele in Foro

The church has been present since the eighth century. Shortly after the thousand was "renovated" by the will of Pope Alexander II.

As with most churches and cathedrals, the "renovations" continue over the centuries, but the Romanesque structure remains.

The decoration of the fašade is impressive: the result of different hands and abilities (as it must be ...)
The medieval signs and symbols are very present with all the dementia animals and - among all - a particular place occupies the two-tailed siren on the portal next to San Giorgio (a little behind the siren ...) and on the columns of the facade (also a two-tailed winged siren ...).

The heads of Garibaldi, Pius IX and Cavour also found their place next to real and imaginary animals. After all, it is right that these 'time ships' bring the signs of the ages that have passed through ...