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Llumes - San Miguel

The first documents referring to Llumes date back to the 12th century, when Alfonfo I (el batallador) decided to contend the taifa (Moorish kingdom) of Zaragoza to the Arabs.
The existence of a church has been documented since 1131.

The toponym Llumes seems to derive from the Latin 'flumes' probably referring to the nearby Rio Piedra which often, in spring, overflows flooding the territory.. Llumes is, in fact, the first relatively flat and cultivable land that the river meets in its course and right next to the river is the church of San Miguel. The church seems to have long been an agricultural center managed by the Certosini of the nearby Monasterio de Pedra.

To enter the church (2018) one must resort to the courtesy of Mrs. Milagro who kindly opened the church to us. The country has less than 100 inhabitants and everyone will be able to show you where she live.

In this mixture of Romanesque, stones and water could miss a two-tailed mermaid?

In fact, she is on the arch that separates the nave from the apse.
Next to the two-tailed mermaid there is represented a difficult to recognize animal and in the same capital, an escape in Egypt with the Lady on horseback and Saint Joseph who diligently holds the reins.
On the opposite side there is a capital with an eagle, an angel (Saint Michael?), two rampant lions, a knot of Solomon and a palm tree.

In the tympanum above the entrance door is represented the Christ in the almond surrounded by the symbols of the evangelists. The entrance columns are decorated with animals among which we can recognize the basilisk surmounted by the flower of life and moon and stars (recurring elements also in Arab decorations ...)