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The church of Notre-Dame in Lestiac is a fine example of Aquitain Romanesque from the 12th century.

During the nineteenth century, unfortunately it was 'renovated' by the architect Paul Abadie also responsible for other misdeeds.

The 'modernizer' has practically destroyed the Romanesque fašade to build a bell tower.

However, many of the modillons of the nave and the apse have been saved.

Among the figures on the modillions and capitals, in addition to the two-tailed mermaid, there is a beautiful 'concert' between a horn player and a percussionist.

Another typical Romanesque capital represents the man among the beasts. Scholars divide themselves between two interpretations: for some it represents the man who dominates the beasts, for others it depicts the beasts (the sin, the vice ...) that threaten man.

A capital shows two people in a tangle of branches: this too is a recurring theme on Romanesque capitals.

There'a lso the calandrius, the bearer of barrel (or player of dolio?), an original hoe bearer, a fish bearer (the fish has really exaggerated dimensions: it probably underlies a symbolic meaning that perhaps we will never know ...).

The overturned man and the snake that swallows the baby are also present, relatively rare in Aquitaine.

The interior, unfortunately, is not always open to visitors ...