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Church of St. Martin

Léognan is a little town in the Aquitaine region of about ten thousand souls, near Bordeaux.

The church of St. Martin dates back to the end of the eleventh century.
It is a church on the 'Camino de Santiago', a stop between Bordeaux and Béliet.

During the French revolution it became a 'Temple of Reason' and the appurtenances of the church became prisons.

When in the nineteenth century it was decided to restore the church the conditions of the building were so disastrous that the same Eugène Viollet-le-Duc (father and 'inventor' of the Romanesque) advised to keep only the apse and redo the rest of the plant building.

The capitals of the apse have therefore survived. Among these is a man who dominates the beasts and a sacrifice of Isaac who - as was used in the Middle Ages - are paintings.

Outside the apse modillions show various shapes including a two-tailed mermaid.

A corbel represents a little man who carries the barrel: probably in the Middle Ages this figure referred to the pilgrims (who traveled with a minimum baggage and a small barrel).

The figure of the man with the barrel is present almost everywhere in the Bordeaux region and the barrel is of considerable size, perhaps indicating the vocation of the territory ...