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Gemona del Friuli
the cathedral

The cathedral of Gemona hits - first of all - for the skilful restoration carried out after the 1976 earthquake.

On the fašade stands the splendid monumental San Cristoforo, 7 meters high, sculpted in the white local stone.

San Cristoforo - in the best of the iconographic traditions - carries the child on his shoulders as he crosses the river.

But how to make the water effect?

Griglio da Gemona, author of the statue, admirably solves the problem by carving near the feet of the Saint the most common aquatic creatures of the time: a crayfish and a two-tailed mermaid.

The author has also created the "Epiphany Gallery" with nine statues of the fašade.
Always on the fašade in a splendid psychostasis the devil contends to the angel the "weight" of the soul.

Despite the earthquakes and radical nineteenth century restorations, the cathedral continues to give back to the medieval suggestions desired by the first builders.

Inside, on a sarcophagus later used as a baptismal font, another recurring theme in the upper mediove: the man who rides the fish.