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Santa Caterina D'Alessandria

According to tradition, the beautiful young Egyptian Catherine was martyred in 305 by using the torture of the sprocket. But the wheel broke and had to be decapitated.

When Raimendello Orsini Del Balzo, crusader, visiting the relics of the Saint on Mount Sinai, in kissing her hand with his teeth he tore a finger.
Back in the land of Puglia, he wanted to honor the precious relic ordering the construction of the church on a pre-existing greek rite church. The Raimondello died in 1405 and the building was then completed by his wife and son.

To decorate the church were called painters of the school of Giotto and from Siena who made something like the Scrovegni Chapel or St. Francis of Assisi: a space entirely painted of great charm that - despite various historical misfortunes - we can still enjoy.

The entrance portal is decorated with a Christ surrounded by the apostles and among the decorations - real trademark - a two-tailed mermaid.
The marine animal is not one encoded by the twelfth century stonemason: she uses his hands to steady, abandoning languidly the queues, but the cute mermaid continues to speak to anyone from the door of the church.

Also in Galatina, in the church of San Paolo, a notice reminds us that we are in the lands of the tarantula ...