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Church of San Secondo

The church is certainly an interesting example of the Romanesque style of the eleventh century.

According to some scholars, the church would replace a pre-existing pagan temple of fertility: the surprising naive scene of sexual mating present on the south side could come from it.

The decorative apparatus arises from hands that are certainly less able than those who have worked on the great medieval cathedrals, but perhaps for this reason even more linked to the popular medieval feeling.

The scene of the mating and the breasts protruding from the frieze seem to suggest that the change of religion has not changed the destination of the building.

In spite of those who paint the Middle Ages as an era of bigots, in the Romanesque churches the representation of sexual activity is not rare.

Examples can be found in the San Miguel church in Fuentidueña in Spain or in the Women's Abbey to Caen in France.

Probably Cortazzone was a place on the Via Francigena.

Among the capitals of the interior is the two-tailed mermaid next to other animals. On the "side of the living" there is also a probable imperial eagle surmounted by an eagle.

The architectural suggestions combined with the silence and the recollection of the place make it one of the unmissable examples of medieval art.