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Abbey of St. Peter in the Conero

The first news about St. Peter dates back to 1038: in that year
'... the Counts Ugo of Mezone with his wife Adelasia, donated the church of s. Peter placed on Mount Conero Abbot Guimezone to establish a monastery of men who waited for the service of God and prayer '

The monastic history proceeds with alternating events until 1500 when

... the hermitage of s. Benedict was the fourth among those who composed the Camaldolese Congregation of s. Romualdo then called Monte Corona. And the b. Giustiniani soon wanted to live there; but he was soon troubled by a sad tribulation.
The Gonzagians, who were appropriated in s. Peter, they saw a bad order to order a cloister of Hermits in a place that had already belonged to their monasteries.
With threats, insults, and damage they studied to make the new guests desperate for peace and then induce them to spontaneously abandon the Conero

from 'Romitaggi del Monte Conero cenni cronologici' - Lorenzo Barili

Mount Conero has always been a site of hermits.

The holy men (and even some holy women) loved to settle on the caves that can still be visited on the slopes of the mountain.

The peaceful life of these hermits had a tasty exception in 1520 when the church of San Pietro that dominated the Conero was the subject of contention between Gonzagiani and Camaldolesi, two friar's orders.

It seems that the dispute contemplated not only verbal injuries, but also shots of rocks and rolling rocks on the slopes of the Conero.

The abbey of San Pietro sul Conero shows us its more than thousand-year history with the decorations inside it.
Among these stands a capital with two-tails mermaids.

Now the Abbey has become a welcoming hotel and the mermads must resign themselves to welcoming distracted tourists.