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Pieve of Saints Cornelio and Cipriano -

The Church of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian is named in a document of the eighth century, but some news about its existence date back to 1148.
Codiponte is located in the Province of Massa Carrara, in the municipality of Casola in Lunigiana.
Probably the site was one of the paths of the Via Francigena between the Lunigiana and Emilia.

The church has suffered a landslide that, in the fourteenth century, destroyed the village on the north side of the church and renovations following of the earthquakes of 1834 and 1920.

In the vicinity of the church there was a convent of Clarisse.
The capitals show the characteristic motifs of the twelfth century decoration: the mermaid, the prancing animal, the praying-telamone, March horn player, man ithyphallic, the athlete.
The decorations recall the items in nearby San Paolo in Vendaso but they are more stylized and - in a certain way - more abstract.

The two-tails mermaid stands out among all.

The church also houses the late medieval triptych with the Virgin enthroned, the SS. Cornelius and Cyprian and the image of the Holy Face, celebrated and venerated relic of Lucca, memories of the passages, in these places, the Way of the Holy Face.