Viaggi nello spazio e nel tempo 
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Perched over the Natisone river, the stunning Cividale preserves the charm of more than a thousand years history. Cividale has always been the city of the border: between East and West, between Romans and barbarians, between Lombard and Byzantine, between Romanesque and Gothic.

The beautiful archaeological museum carefully shows this history.
Logobard burials that have been discovered in the city and its immediate surroundings are presented with a special care that is not frequently seen in other museums.
In the museum, among other things, there is a slot where complaints about corrupt officials were posted.

The museum contains a stunning collection of Lombard jewelery, especially the crosses in gold foil. The crosses and related objects are carefully presented in the context of the discovery, allowing visitors a charming journey into ancient times.

The altar of Rachis is preserved in the Museum of the Cathedral. With the support of coloured lights the altar of Rachis is displayed as it appeared to the medieval visitors.

The Romanesque mermaid in the archaeological museum has the same eyes as seen in the heads of the longobard crosses and of the Our Lady in the Rachis altar: a cultural identity that has spanned centuries but which has not failed to confront with existing and surrounding cultures.