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Church of San Salvador

Few places can offer the suggestion offered by the church of San Salvador di Carabias, a small town in Castilla with less than 100 inhabitants.

You do not need a great imagination to imagine the large arcaded gallery, in the evening, by commoners and peasants who find themselves after work, Arab and Christian merchants, errant clerics, storytellers, pilgrims, priests, ministers of justice, adventurers ..

Like the Italian 'Pievi', these rural churches were much more than just religious buildings.

The welcoming arcaded gallery was the natural gathering place for the thirteenth century people.

There are many churches with a porticoed gallery in Spain, to the point that a reserved name has been created for them: 'rural Romanesque'. Few, however, enjoy the state of conservation and charm of the church of San Salvatore and in particular of the beautiful porch that alone occupies more than half the space of the temple.

In the very elegant portico delimited by columns, the decorations have almost disappeared.

Even the two-tailed mermaid seems about to disappear before our eyes after having given us a precious suggestion on a time able to challenge hunger in order to build a collective meeting place of such beauty.