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church of Saint-Michel

About 20 km from Bordeaux, on the left bank of the Garonne, there is the village of Beautiran.

Among the apse corbels the two-tailed mermaid is in the company of a fish porter and a dolio player.

Many believe that dolio was a musical instrument widely used in the Middle Ages in Aquitaine and northern Spain: an aerophone vaguely similar to the drum from which they obtained a single sound: a sort of gigantic whistle.

Others believe instead that the small barrel present in many modillions had to do with the custom of the pilgrims to bring with them a reserve of water (or other drink ...) on their long journeys.

Is also possible that in the corbels of the churches of France and Spain are represented both: dolio and travel flask. The difficulty in interpreting the figures is - as usual - all of ours. Probably for the men of the Middle Ages there was no doubt. We have even forgotten the name of an instrument that accompanied the daily life of those centuries.

Even the fish carrier is a very common figure in Aquitaine, probably because - given the presence of large rivers - fish had to be an important component of the diet of the local population.