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Concattedrale di Santa Maria Maggiore

The Barletta Cathedral of Barletta is a medieval gem in white stone that delivers curious eye a number of suggestions.

The year was 1190 when Tencredi, King of the Sicilies, recognizes to Barletta status 'civitas' belonging to the royal property. Six years after starts the construction of the new cathedral on an earlier religious site (since III century BC the area seems to have been destined to the god Neptune ...).

The cathedral was founded in the Romanesque style to take - then - Gothic characters (facade Romanesque, Gothic apse) following the evolution of taste in the several centuries of construction.
But are the ornaments that offer more suggestions.

Fascinating scenes shown on either side of the fašade arches, where next to scenes relatively common such as Samson against the lion there are others quite unusual such as pilgrim sleeping on the boar or the beautiful attic figures, including the splendid blemmy (the blemmyes were headless and with eyes and mouth on the chest. According to Procopius of Caesarea they lived in Nubia).

Don't miss the two-tails mermaid between 2 manticoras who makes a fine show on the left side of the cathedral.