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Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

The construction of the cathedral of Altamura began in 1232 by the will of Emperor Federico II.

He wanted it as a palatine chapel, subtracted from the jurisdiction of bishops and popes: privileges that the cathedral preserved over time so that only with the Lateran Pacts of 1929 the power to appoint the bishop of the cathedral returned to the pope.

Like all living things, the cathedral was modified in time according to the tastes of the moment, but it has preserved the Romanesque structure wanted by Federico emperor.

It is equipped with a portal with scenes from late medieval gospels.
Recently, the women's galleries have been opened that allow a splendid view of the church and at the one to the right side a window allows to look out on the transept.

And the bicaudata siren, from the arch of the mullioned window, observes what happens in the sacred area below.