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Church di St. Tomè

There is no historical certainty about the dating of the St. Tomè Rotonda.

It seems to date back to the end of the eleventh century or beginning of the twelfth, but certainly it is a radical renovation of a much older building: the inserts of previous materials are evident. Even the columns inside, to reach the necessary height, have a base that is nothing more than a capital recycled upside.

The work has always been disputed or ignored by the litigious local population: the last quarrel dates back to the '600 and seems to have been composed 'by force' at the beginning of '900 by Cardinal Roncalli - later Pope John XXIII - originally of the nearby Sotto il Monte.

It seems that the site housed a Roman temple then converted to a church. Fallen into disuse in the period of domination of the Franks, underwent a radical restructuring of the XIIth century.

Moreover, the work is in an obligatory passage on the river Brembo, near the 'bridge of Teodolinda' that seems to be - in fact - the bridge of a Roman road that connected Como to Friuli.

Remains the great charm of this round church with a lovely matroneum (not open: it seems that in the last renovation the floor of the matroneum was covered with an inappropriate material ...) that plays with the light of every hour of the day giving a sense of peace and harmony hardly equaled.

In a place so original, could miss the two-tails mermaids?