Viaggi nello spazio e nel tempo 
 Time & Space Travels 

Our idea of travel

We would like to suggest trips that fill the eyes and intrigue the mind.
We would like to make you taste the flavour of History and Stories that are ignored in textbooks but engraved on the stones and in the places that we will visit. Places that are perhaps among the most beautiful in the world.

In our travels we propose no luxury hotels and glittering night life.
\Sometimes the roads will be dusty lanes, it can be hot and sometimes there's no air conditioning, it can be cold and we will have to wear something warm. We will sleep in a different bed almost every night and maybe not all of our traveling companions will be perfect... And to reach our destination we will have to walk a kilometer. And we could be sent out from the abbey because the monks are in prayer.
It may also rain.

But it will be a true journey.

All texts and pictures are our property and may be used and/or reproduced only with our explicit permission.

Hunting for two-tailed mermaids
Venectian town and fortresses in the Mediterranean sea

Pula - Communal palace
Abbey of Saint-Georges, Boscherville
Beautiran - Saint-Michel
Cambes - St. Martin
Cheux - Saint Vigor
Caen - Men's Abbey and Ladies' Abbey
Haut-Langoiran - Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens
Léognan - St. Martin
Lestiac sur Garonne - Notre-Dame
Kaysersberg - St. Croix Church
Saint Caprais de Bordeaux
Saint Christophe du Puch
Saint Martin de Sescas
Strasburgo - Cathedral
Acquapendente - Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Adria - National Archaeological Museum
Almenno - Church of St. Tomè
Altamura - Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
Ancona - Church of Santa Maria della Piazza
Barga - the Cathedral of Saint Christopher
Barletta - Concattedrale of Santa Maria Maggiore
Bitonto - Cathedral
Bologna - Basilic of Saint Stephan (the even churches)
Capo di Ponte - Church of San Siro e monastery of San Salvatore
Cividale del Friuli
Codiponte - Church of Saints Cornelio and Cipriano
Corsignano - Pieve dei Santi Vito e Modesto
Cortazzone - Chiesa di San Secondo
Fivizzano - Church of St. Paul in Vendaso
Galatina - Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria
Gambassi - Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta a Chianni
Gemona del Friuli - Duomo
Gropina - The church of San Pietro
Lucca - Cathedral of St. Martin
Lucca - San Michele in Foro
Milano - Cathedral of St. Ambrogio
Modena - Cathedral
Monreale - Cloister of the Cathedral
Montefiascone - Chirch of St. Flaviano
Montiglio Monferrato - Pieve di San Lorenzo
Monza - Cathedral
Osimo - Cathedral of St. Leopardo
Otranto - The mosaic floor of the Cathedral
Parma - the cathedral
Pesaro - Cathedral
Piacenza - Church of San Savino
Pompei - House of the Small Fountain
Ravenna - San Giovanni Evangelista
St. Vito on Cesano - Pieve Vecchia Monumentale
Sassoferrato - Santa Croce dei Conti
Serra San Quirico - Sant'Elena
Sirolo - Abbey of St. Peter in the Conero
Sovana - Cathedral of St. Peter
Termeno - St. Jacob in Kastelaz
Trani - Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
Torino - Sacra di San Michele
Vicenza - Church of Santa Corona
Vigoleno - Church of St. George
Volterra - The alabaster mermaid
Lisboa - cloister of the Sè
Alpanseque - Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
Arroyo de la Encomienda . San Juan Ante Portam Latinam
Avila - San Vincente
Carabias - San Salvador
Cerezo de Abajo - San Román
Duratón - Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
Fresno el Viejo - San Juan Bautista
Fuentidueña (Segovia) Church of St. Michael
Llumes - San Miguel
Manquillos - Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
Navas de Riofrío - Immaculada Concepción
Oquillas - San Cipriano
Nuestra Señora de las Vegas
Peñarrubias de Pirón - Virgen de la Octava
Perorrubio - San Pedro ad Vincula
Quintanilla de la Berzosa - San Martin
Santa Marta del Cerro
Segovia - St. Millan
Trigueros del Valle - San Miguel Arcángel
Zamora - Santa Maria la Nueva
Geneva - Cathedral of St. Peter